Shivashtie Poonwassie

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Perspective Series


This series continues my look at the way we perceive the world around us, in particular how we see other people. The series consists of seven heads all using the same number of bricks and so are roughly the same size (approx. 20cm x 40cm x 45cm - individual sizes vary slightly), each one is bare brick on one side and coloured on the other.

Each head is similar to the others in the group but retains its own identity through individual characteristics and its own unique colour. When viewed from one side the group appear unified, when viewed from the other side the differences in colour give them a very different feel - much more a group of individuals. These similarities and differences are a metaphor for the way we view people around us, our perspective which changes according to where we stand, how we look and what we know.

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50cm(h) x39cm(w) x 44cm(d)

can be deceptive.
Calmness reigns,
the surface - benign and serene.
underneath is

May 2008

This piece required a lot of patience throughout the making process. The title 'appearances...' reflects the difficulties of the making process and the complex internal dynamics of the piece compared to the outward appearance of calm.

Please note this piece is heavy.